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Kraft Paper Bags Wholesale

Kraft paper is made by long fiber wood pulp which contributes to high elasticity and high tear resistance.  Kraft paper is designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability. Customers have options to choose white kraft paper bags, brown kraft paper bags, coated kraft paper bags and double kraft paper bags. Moreover, customers can select preferable ways to handle, such as flat bag, twisted handled kraft paper bag without turn-over, twisted handle kraft paper bag with turn-over, or rope handle kraft paper bag.

The main feature of the twisted handle kraft paper bags is of course the handle. These handles derive from the process of twisting the paper. Twisted paper handles turn out to be strong and surprisingly tough. These handles are very comfortable to hold and yet so stylish to look at.


Twisted handle kraft paper bags are a perfect solution for independent retailers, boutiques, exhibitions, and corporate events.  In addition, these bags generate great interests because they are eco-friendly. So we strongly recommend the twisted handle kraft paper bags.