Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Paper bags are on the top of the heap as people nowadays are turning towards sustainable living. Unlike plastics, paper bags are environmentally friendly and are made from ever-growing natural resources. Branding is a must for every business to grow. Paper bags make for influential packaging for several businesses, from the food to the medical industry. Moreover, businesses look for convenient packaging and promotion to attract a steady stream of customers to their services. All this can be done only with professional paper bag manufacturers. And this is where May Sun Jieh comes into the picture.

Founded in 1991, May Sun Jieh Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a paper bag factory situated in Changhua County's Dacun Township, Taiwan. We export customized paper bags to various countries around the world and the Taiwan market. The non-woven bags are produced on China's Mainland and are only offered for sale domestically. We also facilitate the printing and manufacturing of paper bags.

With an experience of over 30 years, we are an all-in-one company having a manufacturing division, a foreign and domestic sales division, a design division, a purchasing division, a packaging division, a shipping division, and a personnel division.

Artwork design, the acquisition of raw materials, printing, oiling, coating, foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, paper bag formation, quality inspection, shipping, product logistics, etc., are all included in the range of functions and services we offer.

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Customers in Taiwan and other countries use our paper bags extensively in many industries, including clothing retailers, perfume boutiques, general packaging material distribution, etc. We recently received orders for paper bag packaging from the renowned Mexican restaurant chain CHIPOTLE through a packaging distributor of Los Angeles in the US, which is a milestone in our business journey. Clothing stores, the branded perfume industry, various retail businesses, the catering sector, bookstores, stationery shops, and gift shops are just a few examples of the many industries we serve.

Our goal is to grow and be Taiwan's most sophisticated and significant supplier of paper bags. We also focus on taking responsibility, protecting the environment, and giving back to society through necessary initiatives. In response to the changes in the packaging industry focusing on the custom-made aspect, we aim to develop and improve the current production system to increase production and service efficiency.

FSC certification

As for safety and authenticity, we firmly promise to produce paper bags following the concept of environmental sustainability and FSC™ guidelines. We strive to keep working on striking a balance between sustainable production and the environment. We sell our paper bags domestically and internationally, including to North America, Australia, Japan, Europe, and the Middle East. Our services are appreciated and respected by our customers. Customer satisfaction, service orientation, and the quest for maximum overall customer benefit are all priorities. Look for our FSC™ certified products.