Art Paper Bags

Manufacturers make custom printed art paper bags by improving the smoothness and gloss of the bag. Paperweights range from 100 to 250 gsm.

Single-sided (C1S) and double-sided (C2S) coated papers are the two main categories used to describe art paper bags. The art paper is used to manufacture high-end luxury paper bags.

What are art paper bags?

Art Paper has been coated with a mixture of materials or a polymer to impart certain qualities to the paper, including weight and surface gloss. Additionally, it grants a smooth finish and decreases ink absorbency.

Art paper bag adds a glossy and professional touch. It can resist dirt and moisture and requires less ink to publish because it is not absorbent. Because the ink tends to sit on the top of the paper rather than soak into it, the images are sharp.

Art paper bag will give you a sharp and crisp result. You will also get a lot of contrast between the printed photos. Its coated surface offers an excellent vehicle for images, allowing you to view all the details with greater contrast between the printed area and white space.

Normally art paper bag has to be finished by gloss or matt lamination to avoid a crease as the paper is folded. Art paper bags are an important part of building the brand's image.

Recyclable and Biodegradable

Art paper bags will stand out more while carrying big items due to their inherent resilience and great mechanical strength. Art paper bags are well-made with wonderful patterns so you can use them frequently in your daily life. When it comes to sustainability, art paper bags offer certain advantages over plastic bags. Because they are biodegradable, they may be utilized for activities like composting and are simpler to recycle.

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