White Kraft Paper Bags

The strength and durability of white kraft paper are well known. When a crisp, clean image is essential, this bag can assist you in making a striking impression. Many retailers and restaurants prefer custom printed white kraft paper bags due to their attractiveness. Paperweights range from 80 to 180 gsm.

What is white kraft paper bags?

These white kraft paper bags are made of bleached Kraft paper which undergoes treatment by using bleach and other chemicals to whiten and purify the natural kraft pulp. Due to this process, the paper becomes stronger than natural brown Kraft paper, so white bleached kraft paper is used commonly in wrapping and packaging to withstand normal wear and tear on a box. These white kraft paper bags can be printed with chosen designs or tailored to your specifications. The availability of several sizes will assist you in selecting the style that best suits you.

Features of white paper bags

  • It is appropriate for full-color printing.
  • Simple to customize
  • Biodegradable
  • A white background allows you to print logos in a variety of colours sharply and attractively

Are white kraft paper bags eco-friendly?

Apart from its superior strength and protection, it is 100% eco-friendly. It degrades naturally within a few weeks decomposing just like leaves that fall off a tree. It leaves no impact on the environment. Also white kraft paper can be recycled for use in new packaging.

Recyclable and Biodegradable

White kraft paper bags will stand out more while carrying big items due to their inherent resilience and great mechanical strength. White Kraft paper bags are well-made with wonderful patterns so you can use them frequently in your daily life. When it comes to sustainability, White paper bags offer certain advantages over plastic bags. Because they are biodegradable, they may be utilized for activities like composting and are simpler to recycle.

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