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Custom printed kraft paper bags have lately gained popularity in the packaging business, not only because they are a more environmentally responsible solution but also because they allow for far more personalization than a standard plastic bag. Paperweights range from 80 to 180 gsm.

The kraft brown paper bags are reusable, and significantly more durable because it is made from wood pulp containing longer cellulose fibers. It may be used for promotional purposes and demonstrate the brand's genuine concern for the environment. There are many additional aspects of Kraft paper bags that you should be aware of, and we will shed some light on them.

What is kraft paper?

Kraft is derived from the German word "strong," and kraft paper is just that. Kraft paper is a strong, machine-produced paper made primarily of wood pulp. Carl F. Dahl invented it in 1879 and received a patent five years later.

Brown paper board is ideal for manufacturing durable wrapping paper as well as sturdy carton and rigid boxes. It is also available in various colors and hues, making it versatile for brand packaging solutions. Unlike other papers, kraft paper can be made from any sort of wood or non-wood, including resinous pine, bamboo, and agri-residues.

The many uses of Kraft papers can be traced back to the material's great tear resistance, moist strength, and sturdy properties. Any leakages that occur through the contents in the kraft paper won't make a mess because of its excellent tear resistance, capacity to handle grease, and ability to withstand liquid. Kraft paper is a well-liked, economically viable option for point-of-purchase food packaging. It is also suitable for packaging of clothing, food, footwear, gifts, alcohol, medications, and other products.

How is a kraft paper bag manufactured?

The standard material for brown kraft paper bags is Kraft paper, created from wood pulp by the Kraft process. Brown Kraft paper isn't bleached, which means it can be recycled, composted, and broken down over time, making brown bags a great alternative to plastic.

These Brown paper bags are made by transforming wood into wood pulp by treating wood chips with a specific combination that breaks down the wood's original connections. After the procedure is completed, the pulp is compressed into paper using a paper-making machine. It rolls out long, thin strips of blank paper.

These sheets and rolls of paper will be cut to size typically twice the finished paper bag height, and these cut sheets are then folded over and glued together. Normally this process is made by fully automatic paper bag making machines shown in the video of our company introduction.

Recyclable and Biodegradable

Natural kraft paper bags will stand out more while carrying big items due to their inherent resilience and great mechanical strength. Natural Kraft paper bags are well-made with wonderful patterns so you can use them frequently in your daily life. When it comes to sustainability, brown paper bags offer certain advantages over plastic bags. Because they are biodegradable, they may be utilized for activities like composting and are simpler to recycle.

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