Recycled Kraft Paper Bags

There are several shopping bags, including plastic, paper, and reusable bags. Custom printed recycled kraft paper bags are arguably the greatest alternative out of all of these due to their environmentally friendly properties. Paperweights range from 80 to 180 gsm.

What is a recycled kraft paper bag?

Recycled kraft paper bags are made from recycled kraft paper which is produced from post-consumer fiber content. The production of paper from fresh wood pulp contributes to deforestation, and hence, instead of fresh wood pulp, recycled kraft bags are created using pulp made from post-consumer fiber content. Reducing deforestation is one of the ways to stop climate change. Therefore, recycled paper use saves resources and reduces the paper industry's impact on the planet.

New manufacturing processes have enabled recycled Kraft paper bags to be as excellent as fresh wood pulp kraft paper bags. Recycled kraft paper bags are available in various sizes, allowing businesses to demonstrate their environmental sensitivity.

Is recycled kraft paper compostable?

The vast majority of kraft paper bags are compostable or recyclable. They can be shredded, pulped, and reused to manufacture new bags. They are easily compostable if made of biodegradable materials such as plain paper and cardboard.

Composting only uses natural components, and combining kraft wastepaper with other ingredients, such as kitchen trash and grass clippings, yields the ideal compost for your garden and flowers.

What type of handle do you use for kraft paper bags?

In our kraft paper bags, we largely use twisted paper handles, thin paper twisted into a string. These handles are available in white or brown as standard, with several different color variations available.

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