Flipside Kraft Paper Bags

Current packaging trends include the usage of kraft paper with a printed flipside. The potential uses for this variation are endless. One side is brown kraft, while the other is white, making this product stand out. Paperweights range from 120 to 180 gsm.

Custom printed flipside kraft paper bags can be printed on both sides. It allows for greater creativity in layout. Either side can be printed in full color; however, the focus can be shifted to one side if desired. Alternatively, you could print a more ornate pattern on the white side and keep the interior unprinted.

A recent poll of people in seven European nations found that 79 percent of respondents preferred using paper items, such as reverse kraft paper bags, because of their tactile experience. Therefore, the unprocessed, unlaminated, and unglossed kraft paper bag gives a more real and rustic vibe than the laminated and pressed paper bag product lines.

Flipside kraft paper is 100% eco-friendly as well. It is made from natural and biodegradable kraft material.

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